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Enhance Your Online Presence With Our Comprehensive Business Website Bundle

In 2024, more and more consumers want local businesses to provide a business website to enhance their credibility and authenticity. Spartan Creative is ready and able to help elevate your business to new levels with a comprehensive Business Website Bundle that is unparalleled in value in the entire industry as a set of marketing deliverables. We work fast and we get the job done. We are your developers, so we don’t need to outsource your project. We aren’t just a liaison between you and a team of developers. You get 1 on 1 communication with your developer, and our clients find it incredibly easy to work with us because we go well above and beyond and just get things done.

spartan creative business website bundlebusiness website bundle

Lack Of Time
Are you technically capable but just lack the time to devote to creating a presentable, professional website for your business?

Lack Of Skills
Are you an expert in your field but find developing a website a daunting task, or think of markup code as a foreign language?

Deep Understanding
Are you just not inclined to dig into the intricacies that distinguish an AI generated landing page and a professionally crafted business website, with robust functionalities to enhance your business?

Agency Pricing
Are you frustrated that typical web and marketing agencies charge outlandish sums of money for quality work and ongoing support?

Bad Experiences
Are you like the many entrepreneurs out there who have been burned in the past by expensive marketing agencies, or "Gurus" making wild claims?

Are you looking for an experienced professional to tackle this job for you?

Look no further than Spartan Creative.

Compare hosting with:

Wix: $450+ / year

SquareSpace: $250+ / year

Most agencies: $70 – $100+ / month

shocked at the prices
Very often times people will opt the cheaper route of building their own website with an application. More often than not, individuals who don’t know many of the technical aspects of building a website will struggle to optimize the tools provided in such software and fail to utilize it to its full potential. Many just simply don’t have the time to fine-tune the design of a website. Long range, business owners often end up shelling out a boat load of money for hosting and site builder platforms because there’s no initial fee, the hosting is “affordable” monthly, and it sounds attractive.
  • After 5 years of website hosting on Wix and building your own e-commerce website, you’ll have spent $4,000 or more for that website.
  • After 5 years of website hosting on SquareSpace and building your own e-commerce website, you’ll have spent $4,300 or more for that website.
  • Most agencies will offer you an attractive introductory fee that seems great, but over 5 years of hosting a professionally designed and maintained e-commerce website, you’ll have spent anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 for that website.
  • After 5 years of Spartan Creative’s business website bundle, a professionally designed and maintained e-commerce website will cost you as little as $1,890.
We don’t expect that people will just buy these bundles without a consultation with us first. Tell us the industry of your business and goals for your website, upload the digital assets that you intend to use for it, and give us some history and milestones about you and your business. Let our creativity take care of the rest and build you a pristine, modern, responsive website. E-commerce packages available as well!

We Suggest Calling First

  • Establish your online presence with a professional, responsive, high quality, eye-catching, stunning 5 page business website.
  • Upload the resources (photographs, videos, graphics, logos, etc.) you want us to use and we can take care of the rest.
  • Each website project comes with custom designing and building the following pages for you:
Home Page Products/Services Page About Us Page Contact Us Page Terms Of Service Page


  • Privacy Policy, 404 Not Found, “Coming Soon” pages and Blogging Platform Accessibility included.
  • Up to 5 additional pages you want added for an additional cost per page.
  • Option for E-commerce integration with an online store built into your website to generate revenue.
  • If you don’t have a logo or want to re-brand, have us create a logo for you, included with this bundle.
  • 20 Custom Social Media Templates included in this bundle to market your business and website when it’s finished.
  • Each website comes with a fully responsive header and navigation menu for desktop and mobile devices for no added cost.
  • Each website comes with a robust footer including contact details, your copyright + “Powered by Spartan Marketing” for no added cost.
  • Each website comes with a custom designed contact form, an optional message form in the footer, and optional Calendly embeds for no added cost.
  • Each website comes with market research by us, if needed, to write professional, clean, grammatically correct website copy and enhance your key phrases for SEO for no added cost.
  • Please read the service description and be ready for a consultation to cover the specific details of your project’s needs, and to select a theme from our theme libraries.
  • 1st year of licensing and hosting fees are included with your purchase.
  • You will receive a license key with your purchase. Please keep this in a safe place – it is used to identify you for any partial refunds if eligible.
  • After your website has been completed, as your web administrator, we are responsible for maintaining the security of your accounts, ensuring you have up-to-date billing methods added to your accounts, adding professional email accounts to your hosted domain(s) for human use, setting up email forwarding, setting up additional domain forwarding, and sending you analytics reports on a monthly basis. Email autoresponders can be set up for an additional service fee.
  • Additional advertising management services are available outside of this bundle for a monthly service fee.
  • Any ongoing services after completion of this project and our responsibilities to you as your web administrator are not included unless other previous arrangements have been made.
  • If you don’t have any of your own resources, we will use high quality stock from our various stock resource accounts. This may include but isn’t limited to high resolution photographs, videos, graphics, charts, and icons.
  • Additional consultations may be beneficial to cover any business or company milestones for more effective marketing within your website copy or widgets the site is built with.
  • Additional website pages for a new project in excess of 5 additional pages (10 total pages) are available via a custom quote.
  • E-commerce store fees vary and are not included in any website project. You will be responsible for maintaining billing with your E-commerce platform.
  • Domain registration can be done for you. Setup labor is included, but the domain registration cost is not included in any website bundle as it may vary greatly depending on your desired domain. You will be responsible for maintaining a billing account with your domain registrar for your registered domain(s) outside of Marketing Solutions PRO.
  • Third party service fees are not included.
  • First year of licensing fees and hosting fees are included with your website project.
  • At the end of the first year, annual licensing renewal fees are $150 / year to maintain your upholding on the web and with Spartan Creative.
  • At the end of the first year, annual hosting fees may vary based on your website’s traffic:
  • If your website gets less than 10,000 visitors per month, there are no additional annual hosting fees with Spartan Creative.
  • If your website gets between 10,000 and 400,000 visitors per month, annual hosting fees will be an additional $120 / year.
  • If your website gets more than 400,000 visitors per month, annual hosting fees are variable.
  • All annual hosting and license fees are subject to change. You will be notified of any of these changes as they occur.
  • Monthly fractional rates for ongoing administrative and marketing support outside of our web administrator responsibilities described herein are variable, such as maintaining legal compliance (Terms of Service updates), managing your online E-commerce store, managing your email autoresponders, managing your advertising platforms, and much, much more.
  • You may cancel services from Spartan Creative at any time. There are no cancellation fees with us.
  • Renewal fees include your licensing fees and hosting fees (if applicable).
  • Renewal fees DO NOT include any annual domain registration renewal fees.
  • Renewal fees DO NOT include any annual or monthly service fees associated with E-commerce platforms.
  • Renewal fees DO NOT include any annual or monthly service or licensing fees associated with any other third-party service that you may agree to.
  • We can help you set up your preferred billing method for any premium level third-party applications that you would like. Some may enhance any functionalities of your website.
  • We are not responsible for any third party services that may charge you a premium service fee, and we are not liable for any claims made against us regarding fees incurred by third party services.
  • You will receive an email notification ~30 days before your licensing and hosting fee renewals.
  • A grace period of 30 days past your renewal date is given before your licenses and hosting are suspended.
  • Any website associated with a suspended account will not be visible online during suspension.
  • Your data and content is saved for up to 1 year after account suspension.
  • During this period, in order to re-establish your account with us and maintain good standing, you will be required to pay any past due license and hosting fees.
  • There is an additional $100 service fee to re-connect your website and content at any point during this grace period.
  • After a theme has been agreed upon and purchased for you, there is a $75 licensing fee to purchase a different theme.
  • Your annual renewal date for licensing fees will be established as the date in which work begins on the project. See the Time Table for details.
  • We work efficiently and aggressively to ensure the integrity and quality of your website project and to complete it within the time-frames specified. We will work with you on a continuous basis to ensure you are satisfied before your website goes live.
  • Website projects and the associated labor are non-refundable.
  • Licensing and any applicable hosting fees are non refundable.
  • To be eligible for a partial refund, you must send an email to and be able to prove your identity against the information input during the check-out process. You must also submit the product key you received with your purchase. All cancellations must be requested within 24 hours of purchase. After 24 hours, licenses have been purchased and work begins on your project and you are no longer eligible for a refund. If you are eligible for a refund, you will be refunded the entire amount paid, less a $150 processing fee.
  • We take security very seriously. Your website will have a SSL certificate and your accounts with us are protected by multi-factor authentication.
  • Assistance to ensure your domain registrar account and any third party services has your preferred billing methods set up will be provided, but we are not responsible for any added charges from those services due to unauthorized changes not made by us, and no refunds will be issued from us as a result of unauthorized changes or upgrades to your accounts.
Service Time For Completion
5 Page Website w/ header and footer 10 business days
Each additional page 2 additional business days per page
E-commerce integration with up to 100 products Up to 10 additional business days
20 Included Custom Social Media Templates 3 business days from the start of development
AI Assisted Logo Very fast
Hand Crafted Logo 5 business days


  • Work begins on your project on the business day after a payment is received. It is up to you if you want us to deploy the website upon its completion, or immediately publish it and deploy live updates.
  • You’ll get 3 iterations of logo designs for your preferred design option.
  • All completion times may be extended due to communications needed to complete the project.
  • Any additional arrangements made for additions to this website project outside of the check-out process hereafter may change completion times.
  • Please be available (as much as needed by you) to ensure we can have any necessary consultations to achieve accurate delivery times.
  • We do not guarantee completion times. We use this table as an accurate guide for general completion time-frame expectations.
  • SSL certificate installations can take up to 72 hours to install successfully once your website is live.
  • We guarantee your project will be completed.
  • We guarantee successful SLL certificate installation. This is important to ensure visitors don’t see “Unsecure connection”, or “Untrusted Gateway”, messages, etc. when navigating to your website.
  • We guarantee that any content page of your website will contain no less than 150 words associated with the content of its respective page. Most of the time, between 200 and 500 words are written on the Home Page, Products or Services Page, and About Us Page individually.
  • Unless any previous arrangements have been made in a signed proposal through DocuSign, you agree that we will not write more than 600 words per content page unless it is a Terms of Service or Privacy Policy page template.
  • 404 Not Found Pages typically have less than 10 words.
  • Coming Soon Pages typically have less than 30 words.
  • Contact Page typically has less than 100 words.
  • Once your project is complete and delivered, we are not required to do anything outside of our outlined responsibility as your web administrator and developer(s). Any additional services not described in the terms of this 5 Page Business Website Bundle will yield a service fee depending on the requested service.
  • Please contact us for a payment proposal if you do not wish to purchase this service with payment in full. We try to make things easier.
  • Please note; Payment installments will require incremental payments for work to continue at certain intervals. Under no circumstance do we begin or continue any project without either a full payment or a good faith deposit.
  • We do not guarantee any revenue increase or lead generation metrics after we complete this project. While that is a goal of bringing your business online, your business’ results are entirely dependent on your effort and care as a business owner, your marketing, and whether or not people want to do business with you. We can, however, easily help in those areas; Contact us for information about ongoing marketing services and other once-and-done marketing deliverables.
  • There are no custom software or web applications development included in this bundle. We will not agree to any service not within the terms of this service unless previous arrangements have been made and are signed by you and Spartan Creative via digital signing application.